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About Us

Our Philosophy

Expert Advice

There are many places you can go for financial advice, from brokers, to your bank to an accountant. Invariably though they will be general advisors. They will not be familiar with the finer points of the public sector pension or employment benefits. As a result the accuracy and the quality of the financial advice you receive will not be the best possible. PSRA are different. We specialise in helping Ireland’s public sector workers and their families manage their finances effectively. This ensures you receive the correct advice you can trust.  

Tailored for you

All our advice is specific to your particular situation. Our advice is based on your income, your family situation, your taxes now and likely taxes in the future, your savings and loans and on your goals, plans and financial commitments. Then as your circumstances change over time, we work with you to amend your financial plans accordingly.

Impartially Delivered

PSRA are completely independently owned, have no allegiance to any bank, insurance company or financial institution, Employer or Union. This allows us to deliver independent financial advice and the best financial services to you.

Furthermore when it comes to investing money on your behalf we have standardised our fee structure. This matter where you decide to invest your money, PSRA are paid the same in all cases. This means we cannot be influenced by different commissions offered by different companies. Our job is simply to find the best solution to meet your financial needs. Talk to us to learn more about our innovative approach. 

Easily Understood

Financial products and services can be difficult to understand. A situation we feel sometimes the financial services industry does little to improve. At PSRA we’re different. Whether it’s a presentation, an individual meeting or in our written communication, we are as direct and clear as possible. If you’d like some clear advice and straight talk, try us today.


To speak to an advisor in your area call 1890 282 282 or request a call


Expert Advice

Specialists in the personal finances of Ireland's Public Sector employees

Tailored for you

You receive the best advice given your individual circumstances.

Delivered Impartially

Regulated as Authorised Advisors, with transparent charges.

Easily Understood

Our team speak in plain English


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