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Protecting your Salary - Salary Protection Insurance

Working in Ireland’s public sector you do have good sick pay entitlements to protect you and your family’s finances against the impact of short term illnesses.

In general you can be paid for 3 months at your rate of full pay followed by three months at half pay. Entitlements after that from your employer or Social Welfare will depend on years of service and PRSI class.  The amount of sick pay you have taken in the last four years and the specifics of your illness can also change your benefits.

These benefits do however come to an end. To protect yourself against long term illnesses you can consider options such as Salary Protection/ Income Protection/ Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) to replace your income or Serious Illness/ Critical Illness/ Specified Illness policies to provide a cash lump sum.


To learn more about your sick pay entitlements and the ways to strengthen them, speak to a PSRA advisor today. 

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