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Specialised Pensions

Tailored Pension Solutions

In some circumstances a standard pension product or ordinary adviser may be unable to meet your specific needs. PSRA have arranged for our clients

Shariah Compliant Pensions

Shariah compliant pension products and funds are not yet widely available despite the growing numbers in Ireland's Muslim community. PSRA can however utilise the pension products available in Ireland to gain access to many Shariah compliant pension funds operating around the world. All funds utilised are overseen by a panel of scholars with experience in Islamic investment to ensure compliance with Shari'ah. 

Despite the funds not being traded from Dublin, many are traded in Euro dominations to reduce currency risk and as the provider of the pension vehicle are regulated and operating in Ireland the contributions are fully allowable against Irish income tax (currently 40%).  

Ethically Sound Investments

Certain pension funds are available which allow for ethical concerns and financial returns to be their guiding principles. Focus can be on the positive such as investing in companies operating in energy conservation or products which benefit communities for example. Similarly it will work to avoid the negative such as firms which cause excessive environmental damage, exploit third world workers or produce weapons.

Self-directed Pensions

Such products are designed with the more experienced investor in mind. For those who want to have direct control over investments or perhaps to invest in assets or opportunities that are not available through "off the shelf" products. This can be in an advisory role through a stock broker or indeed you can hold your own share dealing account and make trades as you see fit. You can gain access to emerging markets, commodities, niche funds and ETFs.

To learn more on any of the above request a call.

Please note investments can fall as well as rise. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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