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Financial Advice

A Full Review

With a full review, one of our senior advisors goes through every aspect of your finances. We help you understand the position you are currently in, identify areas to be improved and then make clear recommendations. The main areas reviewed are;

Protection Needs

 What if I get sick?

  •   What will you receive from the social welfare system?
  •   Is your salary protected in the event of long term illness?
  •   If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, will you receive a lump sum?
  •  What about private health costs associated with ill health? 

What if I pass away?

  • Will your mortgages and loans be paid off?
  • What pensions if any will your family receive from Superannuation or Social Welfare?
  • What lump sums will they receive?

PSRA advisors can firstly tell you what your entitlements are from your employer and the State. Secondly we will look at any policies you may have taken out to address these issues and advise whether you are over, under or appropriately insured. Finally we will recommend appropriate actions where needed.

Savings Goals

What are your short, medium and long term savings goals? Whether it is future university costs for your children, saving towards a new home or simply trying to build a nest egg, PSRA will help you identify your goals and present a plan to help you achieve them.

Retirement Planning

Most of our clients aspire to a comfortable retirement. We will advise how Superannuation, the Social welfare system and your own private savings can be used most efficiently to realise that ideal.


Some people are very good at managing their day to day finances. Others can use a helping hand to bring some structure to their money management. Our Full Review Service includes a module on budgeting to make this easy for you.

Salary and Taxes

We check your payslips to ensure you are on the correct point of the scale and receiving your correct allowances. We willl also check to see that your PAYE taxes are being applied correctly by your employer.

All of our findings and recommendations are presented in a personalised report. Our Full Review service is €995, however until the end of August 2015, this service is available at a discounted rate of only €495.Request a call  

Expert Advice

Specialists in the personal finances of Ireland's Public Sector employees

Tailored for you

You receive the best advice given your individual circumstances.

Delivered Impartially

Regulated as Authorised Advisors, with transparent charges.

Easily Understood

Our team speak in plain English


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